The Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Program (PPGME) of the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) was created in 2004, with the Masters in Mathematics and Statistics. Installed in the premises of the Institute of Exact and Natural Sciences, the area of concentration is Applied Mathematics.

It emerged as a new reality of improvement of higher education in the North region, considered strategic for our region, aiming at encouraging and disseminating scientific knowledge, especially considering the enormous difficulties of locomotion of students to other regions of the country, and also to minimize the great inequality regional research. 

In the last triennial 2013 CAPES evaluation (period evaluated: 2011 to 2013), the PPGME obtained a grade 4 and has formed to date more than a hundred students, attesting to the growth of the quality of its Master course and consolidating its leadership role between the Postgraduate courses in Mathematics in the North region. Nowadays, the PPGME has permanent professors, visitors and collaborators, whose scientific production is reflected in articles published in international journals very well qualified in the CAPES Qualis.

The central objective of the PPGME is to prepare human resources with qualification for teaching and for research in Mathematics and Statistics, thus giving them the conditions so that they can carry out the exercise of higher education with greater efficiency and develop, with quality, the research in the various branches of mathematical and statistical knowledge.